Sunday, October 11, 2009

So how was Cupcake Camp Columbus?

In one word: AMAZING! There were 39 different cupcakes on hand and 25 bakers. There were large cupcakes, small cupcakes, interesting cupcakes, delicious cupcakes, stuffed cupcakes, and the list goes on. Some of the best ones included:

Reese's Peanut Butter Cup in Best of Halloween category

Monster Muenster in the Best Ohio category

Frosted Root Beer Float in Best Decorated Category

Jeff and I had a gameplan. We would each grab a plate and go after the cupcakes we wanted/as many as we could grab. We would then meet up in the corner of the room and exchange bites. Here's how the plates looked when we started:

Here's how we looked while we enjoyed our earnings....

And of course, the aftermath:

I lost count as to how many cupcakes we actually ended up eating, but the sugar high we had was enough to tell me that we had WAY too many! :)

Until next time....

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