Saturday, January 22, 2011

Figlio: My review

It was so much more than I expected! First of all, the atmosphere is so intimate and low-key. The lights are dim, there's just enough noise to keep things interesting but not so much that you feel like you have to yell just to have a conversation. The wait staff were all very nice and the service was prompt.

We went for Restaurant Week because we could try the restaurant and the food for a bit less money than if you just eat off the standard menu. For $20 per person, this is what we had:

Crab and Corn Chowder
Pesto Chicken with Feta Pizza
Warm Apple Walnut Cake

Chop Chop Salad - a little too drenched in dressing for my liking
Teriyaki Chicken Pizza - great crust! Love the fresh pineapple. Could have had more teriyaki flavoring
Chocolate Silk Pie - I've never dissed chocolate in my life and I'm not about to start now. :)

They had a decent wine list, but with a wine place right next door that is owned by the same people, I would have expected a bigger "by the glass" selection.

I would definitely go back again when it isn't Restaurant Week. They have a Goat Cheese Pizza that I would love to get my hands on! It's a restaurant worth trying, at least once.

Monday, January 17, 2011

A Year of Dining Out in Columbus

For 2011, Jeff and I had the idea that we would try one new restaurant each month that we have never been to before. Better yet, why not do it with another great couple we are friends with. Jeff and I picked 6 restaurants and our friends are picking the other 6 restaurants. Tonight we are going to the first one on our list: Figlio. It's a restaurant we've been wanting to try for awhile now. But like everyone, we get into the same food rut and end up going to the same restaurants when we decide to eat out. This little "project" will hopefully expand our food horizons and push us one step closer to that "Columbus Foodie" category (but in a good way).

Here is our list of 6 restaurants:
2. Aab India Restaurant

I plan to be back after going to each restaurant to give you a little food review, hopefully with pictures, and let you know about our experience. Figlio is all about their wood-fired pizzas. Jeff is a huge pizza fanatic so he'll undoubtedly enjoy it. I also enjoy pizza, but I enjoy it best with different and unique ingredients and flavor combinations. I'm hoping that Figlio will give me that opportunity. I'll keep you posted!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Weight Watchers: Back on the Wagon

So I'm not sure anyone is even reading my blog anymore, but thought I better write a post if I'm going to keep this blog at all. I'm back on Weight Watchers (WW) again. Started last week and trying to adjust to this new Points Plus program.

I was hesitant and skeptical at first, being as though I lost 30 lbs on the old program. However, after week 1, I have to admit, it's pretty good. I hate having to re-learn all the point values for my favorite foods but I like that I get to eat as many fruits and veggies as I want and not have to worry about the point total. I think the higher daily point total is a little fraudulent though because, although you get more points per day, everything you eat is a little higher in points like it used to be. It gives a sense of false hope that you get to eat more per day, when in all actuality, you're really not. I'm pretty sure I'm eating about the same amount of foods as I did on the old program. My food staples really haven't changed.

I need to lose 14 lbs to get back to my goal weight. I'm proud to say that I lost 3 lbs in the first week. Just 11 more to go! If losing this last 11 lbs is anything like it was last time, this may be a long couple of months. However, if I can convince myself that exercise is good and I should like exercise, maybe it'll be a bit easier.

I'll keep this updated each week with how the journey is going. I'm hoping that my blog can become my motivation tool to keep myself honest in this journey. That being said, I had City BBQ tonight as our one meal out per week and it was awesome! Back to being super strict tomorrow.

Until next time...