Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mew-Mew's One Year Adoption Anniversary

One year ago last month, we were lucky enough to welcome Mew-Mew into our home. Jeff and I had been looking for another cat. We had had Lucy for almost one year and thought she was feeling pretty lonely (she would sprint to the door when we came home from work). Jeff was still working at Whole Foods at the time and had a co-worker who was moving and couldn't take her pets with her. She had a dog and a cat. We couldn't bear the thought of this poor cat going to a shelter so we said that we would take her. And now, one year later, we couldn't imagine our lives without her.

Name: Mew-Mew
Aliases: Moo-Moo, Mewey, Mewers, Spicy Mewers, Executive Mewers
Likes: Lunch meat, deli cheese, chicken, white rats, beating up Lucy
Dislikes: Harness and leash, fresh breath, being wet, Lucy
Most known for: Random attacks on feet
You'll most likely find her: sleeping on her cat castle
Why we love her: She can be very loving; she's always ready to play; she makes funny noises in anticipation of getting canned food

Neither of us have ever had a cat like her and I'm sure we never will again. One thing's for certain, Mew-Mew is here to stay.


  1. Happy Anniversary Mew-Mew and proud parents!

  2. Sean was not a fan of William at first. We took some time to adjust but now he's great!

    I love having two cats now. When the "house guests" leave, I think I'm going to get another one just for William's sake!

    Happy anniversary and I'm glad she worked out for you guys!!!