Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Officially Home Owners!

As of 12:00pm yesterday, Jeff and I are officially home owners.

Yes friends, you heard right! After almost 6 months of this home-buying process we have reached the finish line. Jeff and I figured out we probably looked at over 30 houses, put an offer on two and have finally claimed one as our own.

We'll be moving in next week and let me tell you, it's not soon enough! We gave the seller 7 days to move out and she's taking all 7 days. Jeff plans to pick up the keys from the seller's realtor on Tuesday morning at 7:30am. My dad is driving down with his truck to help us move as well.

Right now we're living among boxes. We're probably 80% packed. Jeff's parents came down this past weekend to help us organize and pack. It was a HUGE help! We'll be very glad when these boxes can officially make it over to the new home.

My biggest worry now is hoping the cats adjust well. I think they'll be fine and I'm sure after awhile they'll really enjoy all the space!

I'll post pictures of the move-in once it happens. Thank you to everyone who sent good thoughts or said small prayers for us during the entire process. We needed it and it finally paid off!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Restaurant rave!

I wanted to give a restaurant rave to a great place that we tried for the first time this weekend. Jeff and I always enjoy trying new places (either brand new or new to us) and we are rarely disappointed. One thing I can say about Columbus is that we are never at a loss for great restaurants that serve fabulous food!

My shout out goes to The Burgundy Room in the Short North. Jeff and I were in the Short North for ZombieWalk Columbus (an entirely different post) and after having a few drinks with friends at MoJoe Lounge, said goodbye to our friends and grabbed dinner at The Burgundy Room.

The atmosphere seems 2-fold. The front of the restaurant is bright and friendly. Definitely where you'd want to sit if you were there with friends. The back of the restaurant is dark and romantic. A great spot for a romantic night out on the town. If you're a wine love, this is your restaurant! They have tons of great selections for both white and red wine lovers. Jeff claims that he had the best glass of wine he's had in his entire life. My glass of white was amazing as well.

The Burgundy Room is a tapas bar meaning that they serve small plates (tapas) meant for sharing and passing. You're meant to order 2-3 different dishes. Jeff and I got the french fries with garlic aioli dipping sauce, shrimp and grits with bacon and pork belly in a marinara jus and pulled confit of duck leg with cheese tortellini in duck jus. One word describes them all = OHMYGOD! They were each amazing and very rich which is why the small plates are so great. You get just enough of each plate with stuffing yourself.

Price-wise, this place is a little more expensive. For two glasses of wine and three tapas we spent $49. I would consider this a special occasion restaurant.

So if you're looking for a great place or something new to try, check out The Burgundy Room in the Short North.