Monday, May 10, 2010

Well, it's Monday...

....And we still haven't heard anything about the house.

Correction: We haven't heard anything we'd like to hear about the house. On Friday night we heard that they were STILL reviewing the file and found that a page was missing! Missing! The seller's agent was working to get them the page they needed.

We've been in contact with our realtor and she's optimistic that we'll hear something by Friday, if not by mid-week.

Again, not holding my breath.

Jeff and I did have a good weekend. We saw Iron Man 2 on Friday night (if you see it, be sure to stay all the way through the credits), went to North Market on Saturday and had a friend over for dinner on Sunday. Just the right mix of busy and relaxing.

We also found out that our good friends, Josh and Deanna, are having a baby! Josh is one of Jeff's best friends and was his college roommate at BG. With all these baby announcements lately, I'm beginning to think we're the only ones left on the No-Baby Boat. However, I'm perfectly happy on the No-Baby Boat so I don't think we'll be getting off the ship for quite awhile. In the meantime, I'll just keep making adorable taggie blankets, burp cloths, and bibs for all my new mommy friends.

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  1. How frustrating! I hope you hear something about the house this week. :)