Saturday, February 19, 2011

I got an award!

It's my first blogging award and it was given to me by my amazing friend Jill over at Happy Hopefuls. If you're looking for an inspiring story of a woman who has more perseverance and strength than anyone you'll ever meet, check out her blog and her journey of becoming a mother. Thanks, Jill, for giving me my first ever blogging award!

For those that are nominated below, the rules for each of these awards are that you tell us 7 things about yourself and nominate 15 bloggers (and notify them). Since I don't even know 15 other bloggers, I'm going to stick with 8. Call me lazy. Maybe I need to expand my blog-reading horizons :)

First, here are 7 things about me!
1. I'm a Michigan fan with a degree from Ohio State.
2. I'm an only child.
3. I despise brussel sprouts.
4. I may be the only person I know not watching Glee.
5. I can only grow my fingernails out when I'm on a diet (weird, I know).
6. I've had grey hair since I was 16 years old.
7. I consider myself a morning person.

And the nominees are....

Rumi at Lucky Frog
Alyson at Our Wonderful Life

I hope you ladies feel as special getting this award as I did! Each of you have awesome blogs and each of are most-deserving of this award. I can't wait to read some little-known-facts about each of you.

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